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Denver Rockboxes’ warehouse (1441 W. 46th Ave. Unit 7, Denver, CO 80211) will be closed from January 20 - February 25, 2020 while we are in Tucson for the 2020 Show.
While we’re away you can still place orders by calling 303-433-0870 to reach our answering service or email Your orders will be filled and shipped when we’re back in Denver.
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Cotton-filled boxes
Fold-up boxes
Perky boxes
Our heavy-duty staples and staplers quickly and safely secure our mineral flats.
Staplers & Staples
Vinyl Label Sleeves
Plastic Dry Cleaner Bags
Plastic dry cleaner bags are the secret to safe and efficient specimen packing: place
the bags over a packed flat before putting the lid on; the plastic holds the specimens
securely in place. These bags are also used to wrap and cushion individual specimens.
Self-adhesive vinyl sleeves are perfect for labeling and relabeling flats. A great
organizing tool, these sleeves are 3¾” by 2¾” and are open on the long dimension
for easy loading from the top.
Salco P694 jam-resistant, heavy-duty stapler $52.50
Bostitch heavy-duty stapler $42.50
Box of 5,000 galvanized staples $18.00


Price per roll
1-4 rolls
5+ rolls
Roll of 24 lb., 21 x 38” dry cleaner bags
  Price per sleeve
  1-99 100+
Self-adhesive vinyl label sleeves 3.75 x 2.75" $0.25 $0.20

10 x 21mm magnification $5.00
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Acrylic bases
Riker-style cases